The Table

A family and typical "cuisine"

Turmeric, ginger, massalé, fresh coriander, but also sweet potato or jackfruit… These words evoke a mix of aromas and flavours imported over the centuries by the people who came from Africa, Europe and Asia. Bernadette, with her “caris”, “rougail” (or fresh chili seasoning), and gratins… homemade with fresh products from the farm and the surrounding area, will take you on a journey of discovery around a part of Reunion Island’s heritage.

Cooking classes

Enjoying local food? Bernadette is offering to give you every secret about creole cooking during classes upon request. You'll have the delight to cook and eat one or everal of the traditional local dishes.

 Sweet and savoury

La Cour Mont-Vert is not just a tourist business but also an Organic Farming-approved fruit farm. We produce mainly mangoes on 280 forty-year-old trees, as well as litchis and passion fruit. For the pleasure of jam lovers, Bernadette transforms the fruits from the orchard and offers both sweet and savoury products..

Une sélection locale et Bio

The products that we sell at La Cour Mont-Vert or that we use in our meals are all from local or organic productions : "Coq fermier", Organic Vanilla Bio from Saint-Philippe, Organic Tumeric, Fruits from our plantation that are also organic and the must : fresh eggs in the morning.

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18 Ter Chemin Roland Garros,

Mont-Vert les Bas, Saint-Pierre

97410, Réunion island


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